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Here you will find information about the municipality in English.



Nature, Culture, and Leisure


If you – not unlike us – appreciate nature, fresh air, freedom, excursions, and exercise, then Kronoby is the place for you.


The beautiful hiking trails and illuminated tracks invite you to enjoy energizing exercise sessions during all seasons. Ice skating rinks and fitness centres can be found in all three districts (Kronoby, Nedervetil and Terjärv).


There are many opportunities for canoeing and paddling along the rivers and lakes. The Kronoby river is a high-water river, with sufficient water levels – especially in the rapids during spring. The diverse lakes in Terjärv and Nedervetil are also excellent for canoeing.


In the Municipality of Kronoby, there are numerous active associations that enrich the life of the locals. The various associations maintain activities in many different areas, including sports and culture, for people of all ages.



Building and Living


The Municipality of Kronoby offers diverse housing options. The prices of residential plots are kept reasonable so that as many people as possible have a chance to live in a house of their own.


The building process in Kronoby is both simple and smooth. The department of building control services is a good partner, and there is expertise available throughout all stages of your project. In the Municipality of Kronoby, building permits are obtained quickly and conveniently.


Fastighets Ab Kronoby Bostäder is a municipally owned property company that offers rental housing in terraced houses as well as in apartment buildings all over the municipality.

For more information about Kronoby Bostäder’s rental housing, please contact: +358 40 4856 212.


Fastighets Ab Heimsjöliden is a property company in scenic Terjärv that offers housing on Parkvägen, a stone's throw from the beautiful lake Heimsjön, and on Forslindsvägen in the Sandkulla area, just a few hundred meters from services and shops.

For more information about rental housing in Terjärv, please contact: +358 (06) 832 6312.



Early Years Education and Schools


In our municipality, sustainability and outdoor education are central themes that are emphasized at all levels of education. From early childhood education to upper secondary school, we integrate sustainable practices and principles into our curriculum to prepare our children and students for a responsible future.


The municipality has 8 early education centres and 3 preschools. There is also an outdoor kindergarten.


The municipality's basic education comprises four schools, of which three are for the grades 1–6 and one for grades 7–9. Ådalens School for grades 7–9 is located in central Kronoby.


Kronoby Gymnasium (upper secondary school) is a popular choice for students who live both within and outside the municipality.


Kronoby Folkhögskola (adult education centre) organizes longer full-time education. The community college (Kronoby MI) offers open courses with the most varied content for all age groups.



If you have questions about the municipality and its activities, please contact the municipality’s information desk: +358 (06) 8343 000.



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